Courtney, Thanks so much for all you did with the Thank You cards and car magnets. We love this piece – looks fabulous! I will soon send to you my thoughts regarding our next Annual Fund mailing. I am excited about it!



I am looking at the viewbook sample you sent over. I am LOVING the design and layout of the stapled piece. Could I see the cover from the sample viewbook in our poster? I really LOVE it!!!!



The Chicago postcards look great! Thank you!! Thanks so much for your amazing work on this!



You all are amazing! Thank you for the fast turn-around.



Thanks, Candice. I’ll be in touch! LOVE working with you!



Thanks, Candice. We got a TON of compliments on the newsletter! The pics were great…so much of an improvement for the plain ones they used to use.



Candice and her team have led our design, solicitation mailings, newletters and all things print/signage and so much more for years. They have a keen eye for design, are super easy to work with and competitively priced.



The programs are here already and they are beautiful. Thank you for ALL of your help getting ready for this event! You have provided service above and beyond expectations and I am so glad to be working with you!



The gala team met last night and just "ooohed" and "aaahed" over the new design. I feel you have truly added a new dimension of class to the event and this invite is sure to inspire more people to come. Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful to have you on my team.



We’re getting great response on the AR from board members and the community. One person even tweeted us that it’s a great AR. THANK YOU!



Quality Profiles look SENSATIONAL!!! Thanks again for doing your usual SPECTACULAR work!!!



I’ve been meaning to tell you what a fantastic job the AGC team did with our winter newsletter. We (and our members) absolutely loved the overall look and direction.



I have a presentation before our alumni board this afternoon, and I'm bringing our newly designed magazines, along with samples from other schools, to show the board. We are light years ahead of everyone else. I think they will be impressed.



Thank you again for the fine work and especially for timely delivery on the recent print jobs – most appreciated!



We received rave reviews about the annual report yesterday at our meeting. Our keynote speaker, the CEO of a statewide foundation organization, commented that she sees a lot of annual reports and none of them look like this one.

We absolutely could not have done it without you and your team. Please share my gratitude for all the hard work and talent they shared with us on this project!



This is by far one of the nicest pieces we will have ever distributed! Thank you and your team for such fantastic work.



I just wanted to say a great big Thank You to you and your team for all of the work that went into this anniversary issue! I appreciate your input and guidance in getting me through my first issue. We are receiving rave reviews on everything from the content, photos, design and even the paper quality. It has been making a big splash!



I just received the delivery about five minutes ago, and it looks absolutely stunning. I’m so impressed with you guys.



Thank you AGC!!! I love the viewbook and profile!!! They look awesome!!!



I cannot even begin to express how much I have enjoyed working with you and bringing new life and vibrancy to all of our communications! AGC has been a true partner and your friendship is unmatched. Thank you for all you have done for us.



Great news on the kit distribution…we (mostly you and AGC) are a well-oiled machine!!!



AGC is an awesome partner in helping us serve those in need.



Thanks so much for all your help with these projects—everything looks just fabulous!!! As always!!! :)



I just saw the wonderful, new Referral Form. Thank you for your great ideas! It's perfect!



Thank you all so much for your hard work and patience. We just received the profile sheets and brochures and are thrilled. You were all so helpful and easy to work with throughout this process. Please know that we value your expertise, professionalism and kindness. I truly appreciate having such a fantastic group of people to work with on our projects. You make us look good!!!



Wow...the magazine looks awesome. We are fine-tuning some of the sections and will have the edits to you today. Thank you for helping us with this!



I just got the reports from the alumni office next door and they look fantastic! Thank you so much - and everyone at AGC - for your work on this.



Thank you for creating such an amazing piece! Can we just say how much we love you guys? Thank you for everything!



And… WOW… you guys printed this super quick after all the changes. Thank you!



Dear AGC – very impressive brochures. Everyone is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it. Thanks so much!



OH MY GOSH!!! Ok, we are talking about all the riches stored up in heaven for y'all right now!!! You are saving lives!!!!

You are all my favorite people on the planet right now!! We so appreciate you guys!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




These are awesome! The last one is the ONE - with the red typewriter font!! It's perfect! We could start printing this evening!! YAASSSS!!!



Wow! That was TOO fast! Totally not ready yet!!! Can't believe how quickly you got that done!



By the way, I have been meaning to tell you that everyone has said the invitations are the most creative invitations they've ever seen! They have been a big hit!



I received our packet of certificates yesterday afternoon. Thank you for such high speed and high quality work.




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